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Thermometer Talking Indoor/Outdoor

Thermometer Talking Indoor/Outdoor

Good morning, the outside temperature is 4 degrees Fahrenheit, the indoor temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Tel-Temp Indoor Outdoor Talking Thermometer by Voice Zone is an easy to use, feature packed, digital talking thermometer that clearly announces and displays the indoor and outdoor temperatures. The attractive Indoor Outdoor Talking Thermometer contains a large dual display showing both the indoor and outdoor temperatures, and at the touch of a button announces them verbally.

Users can program the Indoor Outdoor Talking Thermometer to automatically make announcements each hour, and can conveniently announce temperatures at a pre-set time. In addition to being a dual display, digital talking thermometer, the Tel-Temp Indoor Outdoor Talking Thermometer by Voice Zone also functions as an alarm clock. You can wake up to voice reporting of the outdoor and indoor temperatures every 15 minutes for the first hour after the talking thermometer alarm goes off. The Voice Zone Indoor Outdoor Talking Thermometer can be mounted on a wall or set on desks, tables, and counters.

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