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Sonic Alert Doorbell Signaler

Sonic Alert Doorbell Signaler

Extra loud wireless doorbell works with legacy Sonic Alert alerting systems to let you know when someone is at the door.  The indoor/outdoor wireless button can be affixed outside, near an existing doorbell, and it communicates wirelessly via RF waves to the actual doorbell signaler inside the house.  Signaler sends a message to an existing Sonic Alert receiver or connect a lamp to the integrated lamp-flasher and immediately receive a visual cue that someone is at the door.  The DB100 can work as a stand along doorbell notificaiton system, or can work in conjunction with other Sonic Alert legacy receivers. 


  • Wireless ‘Button’ Connection to Signaler
  • Residential Plug-and-Go Electrical Connection
  • Compact Weather Resistance Design
  • 12V 23A Alkaline battery Included
  • Integrated Lamp Flasher Outlet
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