Collection: Kitchen Aids

There are many adaptations and assistive devices available that can make a kitchen accessible for someone who has little to no vision. Our adaptive aids range from finger guards to improve safety while cutting and chopping, high contrast measuring cups and spoons, talking timers for determining when your food is done and tactile labels to improve orientation of your appliances. Here in our shop, we have a full kitchen on display to demonstrate how adaptations can be made – come check it out!

Feel Good Shopping

Each purchase you make from The Shop supports The Sight Center's nonprofit mission to empower independence and enrich the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired, Established in 1923 as the Toledo Society for the Blind, The Sight Center now serves an 18-county region in Northwest Ohio as well as parts of Southeast Michigan and Central Ohio. With certified and credentialed staff, national accreditation, and nearly a century of blindness and low vision expertise, The Sight Center changes lives every day! Learn more about The Sight Center at