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Magnifier Dome 4x/115mm

Magnifier Dome 4x/115mm

  • $ 210.00

The Magnabrite 4X Light Gathering Magnifier is made of crystal-clear solid acrylic, precision machined and polished in the same manner as camera lenses and other fine optics. The base of the magnifier is slightly concave to reduce the risk of scratching or damaging the lens surface. Other look-alike magnifiers in the same price range are hollow, molded plastic and do not offer the same features or quality as the Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifier.

The Magnabrite magnifier is the original light gathering magnifier since 1950. It is a superbly crafted, solid acrylic 4x magnifier with a unique characteristic: this affordably priced, American made magnifier actually intensifies the light that passes through it, making the magnified subject clearer and nearly four times brighter. There are no bulbs or batteries; innovative optical engineering and precision lens grinding are the power behind its performance. Magnabrite is pre-focused, so it stays in focus at all times. To use, simply glide the Magnabrite over any surface - focus is automatic.