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Ott Lite Cobra Desk-Black

  • $ 67.00

The OttLite LED Cobra Desk Lamp features 3 color modes (warm light, cool light and natural daylight) to brighten your work area.  With a graceful arching design, the LED Cobra Desk Lamp twists and flexes to easily direct light over a wide area. Touch lamp features an illuminated control panel that lets you adjust brightness at the touch of a finger and a USB port that fully charges your tablet and smartphone.  With its sleek and innovative design, the LED Cobra Desk Lap is perfect for offices, dorm rooms, countertops, end tables and more. With OttLite you can see details clearly and reduce glare & eyestrain so you can do what you love, longer 

  • Diffuser provides smooth, uniform illumination
  • Smart dimming feature remembers your last brightness setting for each color mode
  • Maximum of 500 lumens
  • Built-in USB port fully charges tablets, smartphones and more (5V, 2.1A)
  • Super bright natural daylight LEDs rated to last up 40,000 hours