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CCTV and a book


  • $ 2,547.00

**Price Varies based upon monitor size and whether case is included**

The ONYX Deskset is a portable video magnifier that is perfect for use at home, school and work.  The flexible camera allows you to view documents, yourself or things across the room.  Perfect for someone on the go!  The HD monitor comes in 20 inch, 22 inch or 24 inch.  Optional rolling carrying case (20 and 22 inch models)

  • 33 Color modes to fit your needs.
  • Freeze frame allows you to freeze image on the screen to keep your place
  • Adjustable reading lines, masks and shade help with keeping your place while reading.
  • Quickly zoom out and back in
  • Magnify up to 131 times the original size, depending on monitor size

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