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MAGic Large Print Keyboard

MAGic Large Print Keyboard

  • $ 79.00

The Large Print Keyboard provides low vision computer users an easy-to-read keyboard with bold, high-contrast keys for fast, accurate typing. This keyboard was designed and developed to enhance the user experience with MAGic and JAWS.

Twenty-two dedicated MAGic keys make learning and using MAGic easier than ever. Bold, high-contrast keys provide fast, accurate typing with less eye fatigue. 

-Easy-to-read keys in high-contrast large print

-Single-key access to MAGic funtions including:

               -Visual enhancements for mouse, cursor, and focus tracking

               -Adjustable reading speed

               -Quickly zoom out to check formatting and easily return to your working magnification                         level

-Magnification scroll wheel

-Speech option speaks text and can echo user actions